The Archipelago museum in Houtskär

The Cultural Guild maintains the Archipelago Museum

In the middle of the village Näsby, next to the church, is Houtskär's Archipelago Museum, which comprises a total of ten different buildings.

The museum reflects the reality of the archipelago's life in times gone by.

The boat museum together with the country house, boat house and motor museum down by the seaside gives an insight into the business life in the past with a distinguished collection of old utility boats in the center.


S:t  Andreas väg 11, 21760 Houtskär

Opening hours

25th June - 11th August 2023

Tuesday - Friday  12  - 19
Saturday - Sunday     12  - 16
Closed on Mondays

Entrance fee 5 € / person.

There is a guide in the museum.

There will be a charge of 50€ for groups visiting the Museum outside opening hours.

Guided tours outside opening hours are held in swedish.

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Events in the museum the summer of 2024: